Governance Structure



Board Of Management           

  1. Mr. Patrick.O. Wakine- chairman
  2. Agnes .A. Osike- Deputy chairperson
  3. Ms. Matilda Okumu – principal/Secretary
  4. Mr. Peter Kaloo – member
  5. Mr. Samson Duro- member
  6. Mr. James Ogutu Owaja- member
  7. Joaness Kassam- member
  8. Rev. Jared Ogiro Owuonda-member
  9. Rev. Wilson Owuonda-member
  10. Mr. Jared Wigina-member
  11. Mr. Fredrick Nguka-member
  12. Mr. Nashon Akello-member
  13. Ms. Marren Otieno-member
  14. Ms. Asenath Oloo-member
  15. Ms. Janet Obiero-member
  16. Ms Fibi Agidho-member
  17. Ms Lewinsky Ogol-student leader.

Parents’ Association Executive.

  1. Mr James Ogutu Owaja- Chairman (F.4 Representative.)
  2. Kennedy Ochar- F.3w Representative.
  3. Mr. Osbon Otieno Oriato F.3A Representative.
  4. Matilda Okumu- Secretary
  5. Marren Otieno - F.2A Representative
  6. Mr. Joanness Kassam- F.2W Representative
  7. Mrs.  Penina Achieng Ochieng   - F.1W Representative
  8. Mr. Ken Oode                               - F.1A Representative
  9. Mrs Hildigard Atieno Owino - F.1v Representative


Our Guiding Principles


Soaring to Excellence



To be a cohesive and responsive center of excellence for girls who are …

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