A Message To Donors and Well Wishers


Bande girls’ secondary school being in a semi-arid area is facing a lot of challenges.. The school infrastructure is unable to cope with the growth of school population.  The school needs additional facilities such as;

i)                    A one floor dormitory with a capacity of 300 students

ii)                  4 Classrooms

iii)                 Home science workshop

iv)                 A modern Science Laboratory

v)                  Library

vi)                 Administration block

vii)               3 Teachers’ houses

viii)             Assembly hall.


The major source of funding for the school on development is the already impoverished parent. We are kindly requesting well wishers and donors to support us. Our needs are as prioritized above.

The school also has a big population of orphans and vulnerable girls who are unable to pay school fees consistently leading to school drop out. Any well wishers  who would wish to support the girl-child to get education by paying her fee would be highly appreciated.



To our esteemed students and parents:

Welcome to …

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