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Our Guiding Principles


Soaring to Excellence



To be a cohesive and responsive center of excellence for girls who are competitive, self-aware and dynamic.



To produce a reliable, reputable, morally sound and environmentally sensitive members of the society with high intellectual abilities through professionally effective, efficient and dynamic learning and talent nurturing practices.



  • G – God Fearing           Living a moral life based on reverence of God
  • U – Unity                    Willingness to work harmoniously & cohesively so as to

                                          foster mutual accountability & responsiveness

  • I – Integrity                 Commitment to foster honesty and uprightness in all dealings        
  • D – Discipline             Self-controlled and directed with good judgment 
  • E – Excellence              Striving to maintain a competitive standing locally & globally
  • D – Determination        purpose to work hard and apply the willpower to achieve

   the set goals & objectives.

We, the Bandeans shall so be GUIDED by these principles.

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